Asian Dialogue: Dance Traditions of Burma, Korea, Japan or India
Though separate and distinct, each with its own history of ornamented costumes, intricate footwork,and stylized movements, Burmese, Korean, Japanese and/or Indian Dance share striking similarities. All of them use hand gestures to tell stories, to express sentiment, to describe a flower, or to evoke a feeling or mood. From sophisticated court presentations to simple folk styles, three to five master artists gather on stage to provide a vibrant and memorable portrait of Asian dance traditions.

Along the Caravan Route: Dance Traditions of India, the Middle East, and Spain
Students take a journey along the ancient trade routes which passed through India, the Middle East, and Spain. Three dancers and three musicians invite them to experience another dimension of history communicated through world dance. The program features Kathak, Middle Eastern, and Flamenco dance forms, then compares and contrasts the origins of each, demonstrating how they influenced each other over the centuries Performed with live music. Other World Dance Forms that are available for booking include: Bollywood, Bhangra, Hawaiian/Tahitian, Indonesian, Kuchipudi, Balinese, and Manipuri.

Universal Dance Experience - Erasing Boundaries
In this time of differences that separate, dance can be the catalyst that joins ideas, emotions, and boundaries. This new collaboration Erasing Boundaries, between the world-renown choreographer, George Faison and NYC’s foremost multicultural organization Lotus Music & Dance, has birthed into a conversation amongst a multicultural network of master artists about the differences and the similarities of peoples cultures,old and new, through the language of dance.

For booking & further information please contact Loretta Palma 212-627-1076 x15 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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